What we do

The International Registered Agent Service offered by Fibonnacci 1123, PMA, is designed for those who have an existing entity registered to do business within the metes and bounds of The United States of America; such as a Private Membership Association, Trust, Limited Liability Company, etc.;

The International Registered Agent Service offers you PEACE OF MIND that, in the unfortunate event your business entity unexpectedly finds itself in a legal action, ALL of your business entity’s Service of Process communications and privacy will be diligently maintained;

Not a bad way to add a layer of protection to help maintain yourself at-arm’s-length!.

Reduce your liability

Avoid getting caught in the embarrassing and stressful crossfire of Due Process!

Being your own registered agent, using your business address, or even worse, using your personal address instead of an International Registered Agent address, exposes you to potential visits by the Process Server at your home or place of business!

Usually at the most inconvenient time and circumstance!

Not good for your neighbors to see nor for your business associates or clients to witness;

In addition, you may miss an important time-sensitive notice regarding a legal proceeding you may be involved in;

This means you would have to be available at your business’ location during normal business hours, five days a week!

If you miss a notice and the time to respond, a Default Judgment may be decided against you!

Enjoy Peace of Mind knowing Fibonnacci 1123, PMA has you covered in the event a legal proceeding is commenced against you;

We will accept your legal proceeding documents and alert you right away so that you may make timely decisions and respond accordingly!

It's that simple!

Even more simple is the process to order the International Registered Agent service;